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Financial Consulting

Financial consulting is an important component for a healthy business. Owners and managers need the ability to review financial statements and reports to determine if the business is meeting financial goals.

A&C analyzes current and prior financial statements to determine not only if finances are in order, but also if the proper reports are being generated. Our auditors review cash management procedures, accounting policies and controls, trial balance accounts and relationships with creditors. If necessary, the we can provide oversight with capital restructuring or with the complete overhaul or upgrade of the internal accounting system.

Management Consultancy

We are committed to help organizations to improve their performance by providing the best consultant to clients to fine-tune their business, to measure success, improve efficiency, maximize performance and minimize risk. We will let you know where you are, decide where you want to go, and work out how to get there.

Risk Management

We provide consulting services in the areas of fraud, poor management, financial loopholes and security breaches within the corporate technology system. Risk management is a process of proactively identifying issues and assessing their potential impact on the business. Taking a proactive approach allows the management to anticipate risk and make informed business decisions. After identifying all possible risks associated with the business, our firm can design plans to shore up the systems and instill tighter security.

Strategy and Operations

For a business to be successful, it must have a growth strategy in place that combines minimizing operational costs while increasing profits. A&C employs staff with experience in industry-specific areas. For example, one team may be dedicated to manufacturing clients. The firm uses this expertise to consult with clients on operational issues such as streamlining processes, capitalizing on bulk buying of raw materials or utilizing staff more efficiently. Strategic planning consulting assists senior management in setting goals for properly timed growth while continuing to produce high quality and outstanding performance.